Wedding Highlight – Chelsea and Jeff

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Ease and sophistication just ooooooze from everything Chelsea and Jeff do and touch.  These two, cool under pressure (and why wouldn’t they be, they are ER doctors) are the most relaxed and calm couple.  From their first meeting, over breakfast, following an overnight shift at the hospital, they just looked at one another, turned to me said, “yes, we would love to work with you as our planner.  Please send us a contract.”  Every meeting or call after, was just as decisive.  Whether it was a menu choice, their 🙂 charger decision, or who to select for entertainment, everything was done the goal of creating a weekend for their guests filled with mystique of West Baden Springs Hotel.


West Baden Springs Hotel, part of the French Lick Resort, appears, almost like a mirage in the southern Indiana hills, and Chelsea and Jeff wanted their guests to enjoy the weekend in the hotel’s luxurious surroundings.  Though fall, the weather certainly gave one last taste of summer, which allowed guests, and the bridal party, an opportunity to enjoy the grounds and lush gardens.

The historic architecture of the space inspired the invitation suite and paperie for Chelsea and Jeff’s weekend.  The stunning art-deco invitation with gold foil provided a welcome hint of the destination retreat guests were about to experience.  Chelsea wanted a touch of royal blue in her wedding, so it too was infused, in small elements throughout the stationery suite.

Chelsea and Jeff’s ceremony took place in the iconic dome atrium of West Baden.  This romantic space, though large in scale, felt like an entirely private and intimate chapel.  After a sweet moment together on the guestroom balconies before the ceremony, guests could be seen using their own balconies to quietly peer onto the ceremony, then cheer for the newlyweds as they were pronounced husband and wife.


Jeff’s sister performed the service which included readings from Winnie the Pooh and whimsical song selections from Mary Poppins.

Chelsea and Jeff wanted to enjoy the entire spirit of the French Lick resort, so took a trolley ride over between the two hotels (West Baden and French Lick) for a quick photo session and captured some moments in their iconic gardens.


Following cocktails on the veranda, guests entered the original lobby of the hotel which was transformed into a private ballroom for the evening.  This area glittered with regal elegance.  Chelsea’s vision of classic romanticism had come true, her whimsical additional of royal blue was included on the tables with the addition of stunning glass charger, and the fragrant bowls of soft creme floral were a focalpoint on the metallic gold linens.


After Chelsea and Jeff enjoyed a moment of seeing the room first (and practicing their first dance) they welcomed their guests for dinner including the (now 100 year old) tradition of tomato juice served to their guests.  The juice was actually invented at French Lick Resort in 1917.


Chelsea and Jeff are gracious and loving to one another, and it is so beautiful to witness.  I loved the photo (above) of them from the moment I saw it, and I was thrilled to receive it this week as their Christmas card photo.  May they have a lifetime of first look butterflies and romantic first dances! xoxo


Merci Beaucoup:  to Jessica Strickland Photography for the above images.  Also to: BBJ Linen, Events By Design, French Lick Resort / West Baden Springs Hotel, JW Salon, Mike Donaldson / TLW Entertainment

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Wedding Highlight – Elise and Jeff

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Elise and Jeff have it all.  Brains, beauty, style (did I mention brains?!?) and sophistication!  They are madly in love, and entirely adorable – and boy can they move on the dance floor.  Their wedding was nothing short of a dream to be part of, and it was truly an honor to help create their wedding weekend for their family and friends.

Their ceremony was designed in such a clean and smart way – I loved it.  It was simple, beautiful and looked regal in the stately gallery space of the IMA.  The sleek chuppah had a feminine elegance in the modern space and allowed guests to focus on the solemnity of the service officiated by Elise’s uncle.  Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails outdoors on the (couldn’t be better!) fall evening.


Elise, Jeff and their families are undoubtedly foodies.  Guests enjoyed an incredible selection of menu all evening starting with the cocktail hour, through the dinner options, and into the late night snacks.  The catering was superb and each guest adored their personalized acrylic place card.  These, along with clear chairs and linens helped the ballroom sparkle. The long glistening tables set the tone for an evening full of great food, fantastic conversation and dancing — soooo much dancing!


As a fun little surprise to the couple, Elise and Jeff’s team actually made their dance floor round to allow even more room for their guests to enjoy the (amazing!) band.  We knew Jeff and Elise would work the floor, but their guests were also incredible dancers and we wanted as much space as possible.



Elise and Jeff were truly a delight to work with throughout the process.  They were decisions makers in every sense of the word. They don’t live in Indy, so flew into town solely to make their choices based on their team’s advice, demos / mock ups and were really decisive.  They selected their tablescapes, centerpieces and designs months in advance all based on ideas from their creative team curated through photos Elise had sent in advance of her travels.  She and her mom entirely trusted the team to create their vision and it was fun for all us to collaborate on such a contemporary design.


Following a night of dancing (I mean – sooooo much dancing! …they danced before dinner, they danced between courses, they danced and danced and danced the night away…) the guests went back outside one final time for a final farewell to the newlyweds.


Cheers to you both, Elise and Jeff. May your world travels always be safe and adventurous, and may your dance card always be full.

Merci Beaucoup:  to Nathaniel Edmunds Photography for the above images.  Also to: BBJ Linen, Evans Audio Visual, Eyenamics, IMA, Jupiter & Juno  JW Salon, Kahn’s Catering, LGi Linens, Matt Lewis & the Union and Royal Creations

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Wedding Highlight – Chelsea and Tom

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The first time I met Chelsea, we chatted about Tom, and  I asked her about her fiance and she replied, “Tom, oh, he’s a dreamboat!”  I knew immediately this bride would capture my heart over the next year.  (For proof of what a dreamboat Tom is, check out the image of Tom immediately after he took in Chelsea’s beauty during their first look.  I am so taken by this shot – Jessica Strickland, as always, you authentically captured the day, the moments, and the emotions and this single image says everything.)


Chelsea is giddy and fun and was likely the kind of girl in high school who was wildly popular, but who was also everyone’s friend. This was evidenced by the size of her bridal party.  Chelsea had 12 bridesmaids! These women were all just as stunning, just as beautiful and just as hilarious as she is. I could not ask for a better group of women. And as a mom, I would want any one of them to be a role model for my own daughter.

Friday night at the rehearsal dinner they beautifully and lovingly roasted Chelsea and Tom and somehow showed grace and integrity with the right about of ribbing.

Chelsea and Tom currently live in Chicago and wanted a retreat for their guests. No place seemed more fitting than the Lucas Estate, just north of Indy, in Carmel. The ceremony took place in the lower gardens and the reception was located by the pool house.

Chelsea wanted a soft, neutral pallet for the garden wedding and al fresco dining. Soft cremes, butter, blush, sage, eucalyptus and sea foam, created the serenity Chelsea was looking for. The details were endless. From her flatware and linens selection to her personalized menu wraps, Chelsea wanted her guests to forget about their busy city lives and escape while dining under the stars.

The reception was joyous and fun – just like the couple.  It had boundless energy and infused their Chicago style, complete with a Chicago hot dog stand to honor the World Champion Cubs. Chelsea’s sister, Hannah, (a singer in one of Indy’s premindent bands) of course took the mic for a moment, but Chelsea herself, closed the night, because when it’s your own wedding night, you just can’t stop the feeling and you gotta keep on dance dance dancin’!

Chelsea and Tom have a truly unparalleled spirit and energy about them and a way of making everyone feel like you’re a lifelong friend.  Everyone on their wedding team knows we’re now all forever friends with this amazing couple.  As Chelsea would say, BFF’s forever.  Yes, my dear, forever xoxo.


Merci Beaucoup:  to Jessica Strickland for the above images.  Also to: A Classic Party Rental, BBJ Linen,  Classic Cakes, Evans Audio Visual, IndyVisual,  La Dolce,  Living Proof, Lucas Estate, Meg Catherine Flowers,  Poppy Ink and Stephanie Carnigan 

(…and the blog wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t give a shout out the cutest flower girl in the land – Mila xoxo – she was sooooo well behaved on a day well over 95 degrees)

Wedding Highlight – Erica and Grant

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Their wedding ceremony was hosted in the century old Columbia Club as family and friends watched from both the Lobby level and the balcony above.     Grant and Erica were surrounded by lush flowers (jaw dropping!) and a bridal party wearing gold looked like beautiful Grecian Goddesses.

Their service included grandparents reading Biblical passages and really whimsical musical choices.  (I LOVE when couples include personal music!)  In their case they used Beyoncé and Kanye.  Kanye actually was to honor Grant’s mother, and a candle was lit in her memory at the altar.

The service included Grant’s Father as his Best Man, which I thought was such an amazing tribute to their relationship.  I loved the words from Rev. Fuquay and the really personal song selections they chose. It was a really emotional service for two truly beautiful and thoughtful people.

Following the ceremony, the celebration continued at Conrad.  Here decadent linens, glittering candles, gilded flateware and chargers all accented the pretty and soft florals.  Candelabras of roses, hydrangeas and orchids were softly lit in amber tones to create a very glamorous ballroom.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention their cake — ohhhh my the cake!  It was a showstopper in its elegance and beauty which was designed around the invitation!  (and… it was my personal favorite:  Lemon Orange Almond) 😉 !!

Once the formality of the speeches and dinner ended, the fun fun fun began!  There was dancing, sooo much dancing, started out by Kanye of course 🙂  (including a dinosaur hitting the dance floor) and as if dancing wasn’t enough, there was a surprise entertainment component.  A very fun sketch artist who captured the guests’ “best side” 😉

Thank you Erica and Grant for allowing me to be create your celebration.  It truly was an honor to help your families bring something totally that was totally yours together and while entirely regal, was entirely the FUN you both are!  xoxo


(for a bit of fun, LOOK at how Erica’s shoes picked up the sunlight!)  🙂

Merci Beaucoup:  to Ian Borgerhoff Photography for the above images.  Also to: Atmospheres Indy, BBJ Linen, Columbia Club, Classic Cakes, Conrad Indianapolis, Events By Design, Jim Cerone, Krandel Newton, La Dolce, LGi Linen, Something Wonderful


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Wedding Highlight – Ashley and Brett

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It’s Christmas in July, and working with this family it felt like I am the one lucky enough to be opening the gifts.  Ashley and Brett’s love story is best told through their wedding Christmas Carol (video) from Eyenamics Wedding Video Story Ashley and Brett.  This video  is undoubtedly the most emotional I’ve had for a wedding…. and so was their weekend.  Emotional, loving and entirely full of happy tears.


Ashley had been a bridesmaid of mine in previous weddings, so it was delightful to reconnect this time for her own celebration.  She wanted her wedding to center on family, family, family (and Christmas!)  We made sure it did.

The ceremony included involving Brett’s sons and was very emotional.  It took place at the base of the West Baden Springs Hotel’s enormous tree, and Ashley got ready for her wedding day while carolers strolled through the grand atrium.  The serenity of their voices calmed any nerves a would-be bride might have.

Each balcony of this historical property is adorned with garland and holiday decor, so Ashley (wisely) took full advantage of the grandeur of the space. Her only request:  that she have gardenias included in her bouquet and centerpieces. It’s Christmas, ask and ye shall receive 🙂  (the true present was the fragrance — it was sooo luxurious!)

Little details of Ashley and Brett’s day included personalized ornaments and a children’s area that made Santa’s workshop seem like child’s play, (the kids even got to make their own stuffed animals while decorating cookies!) Ashley and Brett thought of everything and wanted their wedding celebration to truly be a relaxing retreat before the holiday weekend.  They wanted their new family to celebrate with family from around the country in one of nation’s most beautiful locations and enjoy all the Christmas magic it offered. (…and let’s be honest, the West Baden Springs Hotel is stunning anytime, but there’s just a little something extraordinary about it during the holidays.) It was truly an honor to help create this for the new family.


Following the ceremony Ashley and Brett wanted time alone as a family with their sons.  Tears flowed and there was just so much happy…. just as Christmas, and weddings, and love stories should ALL have.  This one has it in spades.  Thank you for allowing me to experience it all with you.  (and to help watch your kids grow up… being at the same school as mine is an extra bonus! xoxo)



Merci Beaucoup:  to Baby Grace Photography for the above images and Eyenamics for the wedding video that you seriously NEED to watch (and don’t say I didn’t warn you about needing tissues).  Also to: BBJ Linen, LaDolce Salon, French Lick Resort / West Baden Springs Hotel


( to Jennifer from Baby Grace Photography.  This is not the first wedding these women have been in of mine, nor the first Jennifer’s shot together of them with me.  Each time she somehow captures “the walk” right before the ceremony.  It’s always a very special time during the weekend, and this quick snap of the camera means so much.  It’s like a Christmas present from Jennifer to me, Thank you.)

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Wedding Highlight – Caitlin and Ethan

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The MOMENT I met Caitlin (and her mom) I thought “if I am not lucky enough to work with this family, I am going to go away the first weekend in June, because I will have such social media envy over this wedding.  😉  They are fantastic, and I need to work with them!”  Fortunately, by the end of lunch we were a team.  Now, we’re family.


Caitlin and Ethan are entirely adorable (and always touching: whether it’s a sweet hand hold, a loving brush on the arm, or kissing). They are a very emotional couple.  I love that in people.  Caitlin clearly gets it from her family.  Her dad is a big teddy bear of a man, and every professional on their wedding team wanted to create the day as much for Caitlin and Ethan as they did for her amazing parents.  The ceremony and reception were hosted at their estate in Southern Indiana, and their family worked tirelessly to prepare the impeccable property.  This Disney loving bride’s home could best be described as stepping into the Walt Disney World resort’s Wilderness Lodge.  It’s a warm, rustic retreat filled with collectibles from their travels.  Caitlin’s parents are the first to greet you with warm smiles and huge and their dogs are right along side for a quick pet.

Caitlin’s vision for the wedding was to create an evening of fantastic food (from around the world) and decor that felt natural and authentic in the estate’s landscape.  Together with the team, we worked to ensure this was met, even scouring through one of their barns to find old chandeliers to hang above the dinner tables and their family canoe (a family favorite) to use in the decor. Guests arrived to the property and immediately the magic and romance began.  Large fancifal tents greated their family and friends.  Butlers with cooling summer treats (lemonade and one of Disney’s iconic treats, Dole Whip) welcomed guests into the ceremony tent.

The ceremony space was a haven from the heat of the June sun.  Tucked into trees and mismatched antique chairs, the ceremony began with Ethan’s entrance to bagpipers, the bridal party’s prelude (which of course included a touch of Disney music) and Caitlin escorted by her father.  They also were able to read their programs which included photos of the engagement session (taken around the property), history of the couple and an in-depth description of the menu for the evening’s events.

Following the service, guests enjoyed cocktails on a patio outside before dinner inside the magnificent tent. Here the soft color palette Caitlin selected worked with the landscape perfectly.  It was truly one of my favorite events to create.  David from the Empty Vase and I had so much fun working with Caitlin and her mom to make this magic.  It was fun to use the familiy’s personal items in tandem with fresh florals and luxurious details to create the dining space.  It was soft and feminine, but if you look very closely, you’ll see evidence of antlers collected on various hunts around the US and Canada by the men in the family.  (I kept hearing my inner Gaston sing “I use antlers in all of my decorating…..” — I’m sure this is nothing like he ever imagined) 😉


The family’s iconic Elk statue was moved in front of the tent (and dressed for the occasion), and their canoe was used to create a focal point above the parents’ tables.

The bridal table was a long romantic tablescape adorned with soft velvet linen under 4 low hanging chadeliers.  The lighting was actually found in a family storage barn and restored for the celebration.  Eight chandeliers flanked the space and created a conopy of soft rustic elegance as guests came into the space.  A local artist surprised Caitlin and Ethan and used inspiration from their paperie to create the signs on the couple’s chairs setting their seats apart.  One other whimsical element in the floral was the imaginative use of grasses to compliment the greenery.


The dinner service (and ohhh the Food!!) was second to none. They love to travel, and one of their favorite events each year is Epcot’s Food and Wine festival.  So much so, their menu, in part, was themed from this annual event.  One of the beers for the evening was even brought in from Walt Disney World specifically, and can only otherwise be found in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Caitlin isn’t alone in her love of Disney.  Ethan loves Star Wars, so she wanted to surprise him with a few things too including this groom’s cake which included a letter from Lucas Films.


As night fell over the estate, guests enjoyed late night snacks, cigars and dancing (soooo much dancing!) took place under a magical canopy of lighting created to look like the moon shining through the trees.

The evening went far too quickly (don’t they all?!) but in Caitlin’s case particularly so.  I first met her around Thanksgiving, and had about 6 months to plan this extraordinary celebration.  After spending nearly every day for 2 weeks building the tent on their property, their entire extended family now feels like my own.  (Admittedly, with this group, you feel like family after just 5 minutes.)  They have my heart, and I know we’ll all be making a trip down to the parks together again soon. xoxo 


Merci to Jennifer Driscoll Photography for capturing these photos and moments in time. If you would like to see the video by Eyenamics from this event, (which — oh I encourage you to do!)  Caitlin and Ethan’s wedding story film  Also to: A Classic,  Antique Limo, Artist Stephanie Carignan, Jan Aldridge Clark,  BBJ Linen, Classic Cakes, The Empty Vase, Empyrean Events & Catering, Evans Audio Visual,  The Impalas / TLW Entertainment, Pink Poppy Ink, Something Wonderful, Violet Vintage


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Wedding Highlight – Morgan & Adam

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I’ve waited to blog about Morgan and Adam’s wedding until nearly their anniversary, in part because it’s hard to put into words their wedding day, and in part because because when I got the images from their photographer it was no longer spring. Their crazy talented photographer (who has graced the cover of Martha Stewart many times) Aaron Delesie warned us, with a twinkle in his eye, that he would curate and take time on these images, so when I first saw the images I was beyond excited about the eye candy on my screen.  Admittedly, I was also  knee deep in fall weddings.  I thought “let me wait till the right time to share this beauty of a wedding with the world.”  Now, as we near their anniversary, I want to share Morgan, Adam, their wedding and Aaron’s photos with all of you.



Morgan is a sunbeam!  She wanted color, color, color which is fitting — it goes with her vivacious amazing personality!  She truly lights up a room, and is the color in any setting.  She is delightful!  Her entire professional team adored working with her and wanted to create a garden of Eden for her wedding day to start her marriage in lush beautiful surroundings.  They wanted vibrant color, just like Morgan’s vibrant personality, mixed with antiques and eclectic textures to make a regal setting befitting of the evening’s celebration.

Femininity and softness were abundant throughout the entire Lucas Estate.  Even small cherubs and angels were brought into the gardens to add grandeur, and yet a touch of whimsy to the opulent home.


The warmth and detail of the wedding all began with  decadent invitation suite which arrived wrapped in velum and cording dripping in a custom wax seal.  The Invitation also hinted to Morgan’s love of butterflies which would become prevalent throughout the celebration.  Afterall, we called Morgan our Social Butterfly. 😉  So much so, the term of endearment was even used on the paperie to note the hashtag.


The bridal party added to the color palette during the ceremony (and the joy!)   Morgan even surprised them with a second set of florals. Besides these bountiful cascading bouquets, she also gave them floral crowns to adorn during the reception and dancing portion of the evening.


As guests entered the celebration tent, the room was filled with flowers and guests said it reminded them of a lush greenhouse.  Morgan’s dream of a vibrant dance floor was accomplished with the sparkling floor filled with butterflies.  It was also filled with guests alllllll evening because of their phenomenal choice of a band.  (…which was kicked off by Adam’s dance with his mom — who requested they be joined by all of their guests!)

The cake was regal and stately, (and of course befitting of the occasion – pink champagne flavored!) 😉 and the flowers, fragrant & decadent) Morgan once called the tent a “jewel box” during the planning process.  She wanted it to be a place of hidden treasures and wonder.  As guests discovered the layers of textures, patterns, colors and aromas, her vision of the jewel box became reality.


Butterflies continued to fly for Morgan and Adam’s first dance — as a bit of a surprise, with the help of a confetti cannon and some magic 😉 (…you know I love surprises and confetti …)  The confetti was shaped like butterflies!  🙂


Here’s wishing Morgan & Adam the first of many many years of happiness! 

Merci to Ian Delesie Photography for capturing these photos and moments in time.  Also to: A Classic, Arlene Productions, BBJ Linen, Bobby Cooper Salon, LaDolce Salon, Lightfield Lewis, Lucas Estate, Pomp&Polish, Rev. Tod Iseminger, The Empty Vase,  





Wedding Highlight – Taylor & AJ

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It seems only fitting to end 2016’s blogging with a wedding that, while not the final wedding of the season, was the wedding  that ended with a (surprise) confetti canon launch.  Taylor and AJ celebrated their wedding joyfully and and with enormous smiles the entire weekend — because well, to do so any other way just wouldn’t be them!  They are among the happiest couples (and family) I have ever had the pleasure of working with and I am thrilled to share their wedding with all of you!

Taylor and AJ exude joy all the time.  Their family and friends do too.  One of their toasts said “an evening with Tayjay is an evening well spent.” — imagine spending a year planning their wedding!  🙂

Every call, email, meeting was fun, full of trust and just made the wedding so exciting.  I loved helping them create a weekend full of memories for their family and friends!

Their ceremony included a processional filled with very personal song selections for each member of the party.  The (adorable) flower girls danced down the aisle sprinkling gold butterflies down the lavender aisle and the families shared in the beautiful service under a chuppah created with greenery and soft pink florals.

As the newlyweds came back down the aisle, they were surprised with glittering streamers tossed by the guests, which can be seen on the video below.  

The reception space was inspired by “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”  Taylor, AJ and their guests were surrounded with lush gardens of flowers as rainlights danced overhead.  The centerpiece of the room was a canopy of pink ribbons which included sparkling lighting over a glittering gold dancefloor.

The details of the space included candles, lush linens, opulent flowers, and yes, that pink ribbon focalpoint.

Taylor and AJ’s joy could not be more evident than in this photo during their first dance.  I think it was obvious to everyone throughout the entire process, and during the ceremony as they giggled during their personalized vows, well written speeches and this choreographed first dance.  Their smiles were radiant all evening.  The energy in the room was contagious.  I love seeing the joy on the faces of the bridal party in the background (even though they’re not the ones in focus … it’s perfection!)

After the ceremonial toasts and speeches, (and this spectacular dance) the Conrad orchestrated their dinner service.  (If you’ve not seen a Conrad dining experience, I encourage you to do so; it’s a treat!)


As dancing began, so too did the party.  (…as if the celebration hadn’t already?!?!) 😉  Taylor and AJ had selected a favorite from IU to honor their alma mater — and they were spectacular!  They, along with the photography and Conrad team, were the only ones in on my little surprise for Taylor and AJ….


Taylor and AJ are full of joy, and life and always are so giving of others — it was my turn to give to them — so I did!  I decided to surprise them with a bit of magic on their wedding day in the form of a confetti cannon during their last dance.  AJ’s shock says it all in the left image — I love it (you MUST watch the video for his reaction!),  and the photo on the right shows the effects of the raining confetti (for minutes) as it poured down.

Wedding video film Wedding Film of Taylor and AJ


These two deserved more than glittering gold streamers during their ceremony and a confetti drop – but it was the simple things I could give them to show how much I appreciated them (and their families) as clients.  They are fantastic.  They’re funny, they’re creative (yet they let their creative team just do our thing),  they’re trusting (when when you’re from out of town is what you need to be with your entire professional team) and above all, they’re so in love.


AJ and Taylor, Thank you so allowing us to be part of your lives this year — and for many years to come.  As we ring in 2017 — may the confetti cannon at midnight remind you once again of your wedding night and all the magical moments this year brought.  Cheers to the new year! xoxo


2016 was an amazing year for Mon Amie Events, Inc.  Taylor and AJ were not alone in being fantastic and trusting client.  Jessica, their photographer, and I joked they we had hit the jackpot this year.  Truly though, it was no joke.  Our clients together this year that were just extraordinarily out of this world.  All were like Taylor and AJ:  Forward thinking, fun, had contagious smiles, amazing families and totally trusted their professional teams.  Overall, that’s how this entire wedding season went.  I truly could not be more grateful to the couples, their families and to the professionals I worked alongside.  Thank you all for this fantastic year full of memories, I look forward to seeing what the next year will bring.

Merci to Jessica Strickland Photography for capturing these images and these moments for Talyor and AJ! Also to: A Classic Party Rental, Classic Cakes of Carmel, Conrad Indianapolis, Empty Vase, Evans Audio Visual, Events By Design, Flutterfetti,  JW Salon,  Manayunk Calligraphy, Northernlight Filmworks, Pink Poppy Ink, Rod Tuffcurls & the Benchpress,  TLW Entertainment 

Wedding Highlight – Michele & Scott

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Michele and Scott Lucas Estate Wedding

When families ask me to be part of their planning process, it’s always an honor I take very seriously.  There truly is no greater gift then when someone from when within the event industry asks this of me.  It’s honestly the greatest honor. When Michele and Scott approached me and said, “what are you doing next October?” I was overjoyed!  (…and intimated!) 😉  I knew their day would be filled with fantastic ideas, and an amazing guest list of friends, colleagues and our industry elite.  It was — all of it was!

Bridal Walk

Michele and Scott envisioned a weekend working with their colleagues and professional friends from years of their own event experience.  They sent over photographs  inspired around a European castle rich food, color and history to help stimulate their professional team which consisted of:

3 top  notch florists, a graphic design maven, 7 different entertainment acts, hair / makeup / massage therapists, 2 rental companies, 4 different transportation /valet logistical details, photo and video ninjas, an extraordinary venue with in house catering (food comaaaaa) and oh… lest not forget, a pretty snazzy av and decor company  all pouring their hearts into a night for this gracious couple that has been so fantastic to all of us over the years.  

All of these professionals took these photos and inspirations and just ran with it.  Michele and Scott (busy with their own company’s events) let us create an extraordinary evening for the senses.

Ceremony first look private estate

Michele wanted guests to be welcomed to the Lucas Estate and immediately be whisked away to a European Castle.  Upon arrival lush gardens of fall florals and rich textures greeted guests.  Small embossed leather bound programs were given to guests letting them know the evening’s details. One guest looked through her program and noted “It’s like a little Bible!”


Guests then meandered through the Estate’s gardens to the the ceremony location.  Once there, they were treated to a service infused with several musical acts.  Michele actually snuck out of her hiding spot (away from guests’ view) before the ceremony to listen to the harp and singers so she could “hear the angels.”  Following the bridal party, Scott, in his traditional Scottish kilt, premiered with a group of bag pipers, escorted by his sister.  Michele, escorted by her brother, actually waved to guests as she first appeared from the estate’s Florida room.  It was so heart warming and enchanting.  To see such joy on her face was adorable!



The ceremony was a beautiful mix of traditions and religions presided over by a friend, and minister colleague.  The joy and laughter throughout was contagious!

Michele and Scott Cermeony

Following the service, the bagpipers led guests to the dining area.  Here Michele’s brother-in-law played acoustic guitar and welcomed guests to the spectacular al fresco dinner space.  The tables were abundant and lush with fragrance and texture.  Rosemary, artichokes, roses, protea,  autumn leaves and thistle all created the centerpieces which paired with cranberry napkins and patterned charger plates.  All of this texture work together in collaboration to create an opulent space for dining.

Head Table Wisteria Way

European Dinning Set Wedding2016-10-26_0007



The menu consisted of several food stations reflecting their heritages.  To be candid, it was gluttonous.  🙂  The food stations last for several hours and consisted of whole pig, lamb, filet, oysters, a raw bar, grilled vegetables, miniature desserts and barista station.  The culinary team created much of their menu specifically for Michele and Scott.  That’s one of the things that makes this location so special, they do this for each of their couples.  Lucas creates a custom and couture experience and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Dance Party Endless Summer Band

Following dinner a band, 2 djs and acoustic singers all performed throughout the evening.  The dance floor was packed all night.  (Led by Michele, who it should be noted, never left the dance floor.)

First Dance

The dancefloor was filled with family, friends, wedding professionals (and if you’re getting married in the next year, or a newlywed, you’re sure to spot a familiar face from your own wedding professional team because of the 250 guests, over 200 were from the event industry)

Dance Floor Party

It was an evening filled with vibrancy, joy and a very magical bouquet toss!  (Michele’s toss bouquet was made of several bouquets so when she tossed it in the air, it separated into nosegays so several friends could catch the bouquet and join in the revelry as the ribbons fluttered onto the dancefloor.)

Bouquet Toss

As nightfall came over the estate the house was lit to perfection and guests went into an afterparty in the Sports Pavilion.  Here another DJ (and more food!) continued the party until the wee hours of the morning!

Estate lighting

Creating all of this magic was truly an honor.  It was very special wedding to create.  Ensuring the guests’ taste-buds were  stimulated with flavors from around the world was so much fun!  It was thrilling to help design the aromatic centerpieces laden with various aromas and tablescapes with decadent textures. (Michele cried when she saw her preview of the designs — that’s what we love in our jobs.) It was very humbling to be part of such a special team.  Michele and Scott wanted their “friendors” for be their professional team. Leading this amazing group of people was such a treat, because it was a labor of love for all of us.  Michele and Scott are very gracious and giving and we all just truly wanted to give back to them.  It truly was each of our wedding gift to them.  Best Wishes Michele and Scott – with all my love.



Merci to Ian Borgerhoff Photography for capturing these images and these moments for Michele and Scott! Also to: A Classic, Calligraphy with TLC, Elizabeth Aldridge Clark, Endless Summer Band, Event Source, DJ Gabby Love, Highland Pipers, IndyVisual, JP Parker, Jan Aldridge Clark, LaDolce Salon, Lucas Estate, Marie Gabriel Couture, McNamara Flowers, Party Time Sound, Pomp&Polish, Rev. Marty Moran, Royal Creations, TLW Entertainment …and of course…  😉 Evans Audio Visual / Wow Factors xoxo

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To see an “instant replay” of the wedding – click here:  Michele and Scott Wedding Instant Rewind Wedding Trailer

Lucas Estate Wedding

Wedding Highlight – Nikki & Weston

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Nikki and Weston Farm Wedding


There is something magical that happens when a bride sees the space she’s going to host her wedding in for the first time and she knows it’s the right place.  It’s like when she puts on her gown for the first time.  All is right with the world.  For Nikki and Weston, that moment occured they stepped foot onto Trader’s Point Creamery a little tabby cat ran up to the veterinarian bride.   Even on the cold December day I looked at Nikki and knew it was the perfect location for their summer wedding.

I was so excited to create Nikki and Weston’s wedding.  This was my second wedding with Weston’s wedding.  My first was his sister’s (you know her as crazy talented Nikki from Pomp&Polish, the graphic designer, I trust implicitly.) and I have come to love their entire family over the years.  Now, we were in the wedding planning mode once again and I was so excited to bring a new vision to life for their family.  Nikki and Weston’s wedding needed to be planned mostly via email because Nikki was finishing schooling in Grenada (yep, you read that right, the stunning island country) while Weston was in Seattle.  So – through emails, conference calls and photos I had a job to do and had the help of some amazing wedding professionals!


The invitation and paperie set the mood from the start. Pomp& Polish created this and I must confess – she blew my mind! Animals, wood, and rose gold *(to match the unbelievable engagement ring Weston had created) all were used to tell the story in this truly second-to-none suite.  It truly was the most fanciful, yet formal invitation suite I had seen in my career, and it translated so beautifully on the wedding day.  The same animals that were seen on the accomodations card peaking around the floral print, were also seen as the table names and favor tags.  It was formal yet approachable.  It was whimsical but not childish.  It was a keepsake.  Scratch that.  It IS a keepsake.

Paperie Farm Wedding

Nikki and Weston chose the creamery because of the working farm, and wanted guests to enjoy the farm.  They wanted their family and friends to see as many aspects of the land as possible and for the ceremony to take place near the animals.  We utilized the space in a non-traditional way, and actually held the ceremony in the round, near one of the large trees, so guests could enjoy the shade on the warm summer day.  The bridal party meandered through the field and the florals all looked like the party picked their abundant bouquets from the gardens as they walked.


Bridesmaids Walking


Trader's Point Creamery Ceremony

Following the ceremony guests enjoyed the farm and the organic foods the creamery is known for serving.  Lemonade, truffle popcorn and fresh cheeses welcomed the guests.Cocktail hour Farm Wedding

As guests entered the red barn for dinner, they were welcomed once again with Nikki and Weston’s love of animals. Each guest was given an animal as their table assignment.  Long family style seating and eclectic heirloom china were used befitting of this “family dinner” style evening.  No two place settings were the same and guests commented on the vibrant hues of plates and glassware which complimented the field flowers.  To honor Weston’s Scottish heritage plenty of thistle were used throughout the event, along with peony to honor their childhood home, Indiana. The cakes dripped with decadence, literally.  It was nearly impossible to decide which flavor to have — so many guests had more than one flavor.  (I might have a hard time deciding too) 😉

View More: Trader's Point Creamery Red BarnView Barn Wedding DetailsTrader's Point Creamery Long TablesTrader's Point Creamery TablescapeCake Station

The flowers were vibrant, summery and truly looked as though they were plucked from creamery’s vast fields.  I can not say enough about Nikki’s bouquet. It was truly a show stopper.  She was truly a knock out. Weston was beaming all day!

Summer Field BouquetView More:

One of my favorite moments of the day was immediately after their ceremony.  As Nikki and Weston were leaving the ceremony space and heading toward the reception barn, the same tabby cat that had welcomed them on their initial site visit came up to Nikki for a cuddle!

Nikki and Weston following the ceremony

Nikki, Weston and their families are incredible people.  They are so trusting of their professional team and allowed us to play and bring their personalities to life with this fun, family friendly, farm wedding!  Their love for one another is so evident and it was amazing to witness throughout the wedding process and especially on the wedding day.  There was SO MUCH LOVE all weekend and so many smiles! Happiness everywhere!  It was just incredible and I’m so honored I got to share another wedding with this fantastic (and talented — and smart!) family!

Family photo

Nikki and Weston waited so long to be in the same city – and I’m so thrilled that their wedding day arrived.  Nikki’s schooling was complete and she could move to Seattle and finally, they could be together — and sit on the same couch – forever 🙂  Congratulations you two! I’m so thrilled for you both, I’ve known you a long time and I could not be more excited to be part of your wedding.

White Couch Photo Summer Bride and Groom


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Merci to Jessica Strickland Photography for capturing these images and these moments for Nikki, Weston and all of us to relish! Also to: A Classic Party Rental, Trader’s Point Creamery, LGi Linens, Classic Cakes, Violet Vintage, LaDolce Salon, Jupiter & Juno, and Weston’s sister – Nikki Pulfer from Pomp&Polish – the paperie that was created as a labor of love and was knocked out of the park.

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