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Wedding Highlight – Grace and Graham

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Fall Bridal Couple

Few people can say they met their future spouse at Indiana University’s Little 500 week long festivities.  I can say that.  Add Grace and Graham to the list.  The minute I met them and they told me that, I knew we were destined to work together on their upscale Hoosier Homecoming wedding celebration!

Our similarities didn’t stop there!  Grace’s mom, Debbie, and I share a birthday – what’s not to love about us Leos right 😉 , as a child Grace worked as a youth interpreter at Conner Prairie *(if you know me outside the event world, you know I adore those kids from 1836!) 😉 and Grace and Graham wanted to infuse a bit of IU Hoosier Hospitality into their wedding day.  This bride was meant to be mine!

Ensuring the wedding held the upscale, formal feeling their parents wanted, but give the whimsical, fresh and youthful touch this alumni couple deserved, needed a creative touch and constant level of mediation.  On her wedding day, Grace gave me the sweetest note, including the sentiment that she and her mom would not still be best friends if it weren’t for me keeping things in check during the planning process.  Grace, I’d do anything for you two – I really, really love your family!

Grace and Graham initially wanted a “red and white with poppy” wedding, and while  “candy cane stripes” might be appealing for a certain team’s basketball pants, a wedding palette admittedly needs more dimension.  The other interesting caveat,  Helping her navigate a “red and white” wedding without this staple bloom, allowed additional colors to come into the palette and a very elegant wedding color story emerged.  Red, poppy, cinnamon, brick, garnet, fuchsia, merlot, terra cotta, and of course, “cream and crimson” 😉

Bridal Party

Grace and Graham selected the stately Indiana Landmarks Center for the ceremony and the grand JW Marriott for the reception celebration.  The juxtaposition between these two locations allowed for this warm fall palette to shine beautifully.  The Landmarks Center has a warm autumnal feeling, and Grace and Graham’s wedding seemed to be written for this space perfectly.

Indiana Landmarks Center

The ceremony highlighted a sunburst of fall color, robust organ music and readings from family – including Graham’s mom and Grace’s grandmother.  Before the ceremony Graham asked me the “protocol” on a “church kiss” – Graham — I approve – this one was perfect –  show the world you love her!  😉

Indiana Landmarks Center Ceremony

The day started in the JW’s presidential suite.  Grace and “her Goddesses” – as they were nicknamed at some point during the day (because of their stunning Grecian inspired gowns) got ready.  Grace, you are your namesake!  Elegant, calm, kind, thoughtful – and so are all of your friends. It was delightful to witness your bridal party all day.  The first hint of the wedding’s Indiana University infusion was actually in the guests’ welcome bags – a crimson pashmina wrap for the chilly October weekend.  The second Grace and Graham’s big request – “the cups.”  Anyone who attends IU knows of the cups that every bar and a certain (delicious!!) breadstiX location has and their famous shaped cup.  Grace included these cups on the bar once the late night snack emerged.  However, the bridal party was given a sneak preview to them while they got ready – in IU Red of course!

Wedding Favors

Grace and Graham spent the morning writing letters to one another.  I love when couples do this, they are always so emotional, heartfelt and real. Wedding Day Love Letter

Grace then spent time with her girls and dressed in her beautiful shoes and elegant Monique Lhuillier gown.  The details of this gown perfectly matched her skin tone, hair and stunning engagement ring.

Bridal Details

The bridal party was then ready to depart for an afternoon around the Circle City for photographs.  They joyfully spent the day taking pictures, sharing stories and catching up.  It had been just over a year since graduation, so Grace and Graham’s wedding was truly a Hoosier Homecoming!

Indianapolis Wedding Bridal Party 2014-10-16_0011 BridalParty_GG-71

The details for this wedding were in the color palette.  The flowers were magnificent.  At the ceremony, through the altar piece, and the bridal party flowers, the guests got a hint of what was to come at the reception.  Not only were the colors vibrant and rich, but the choice of flowers daring and unique. (remember, no red roses for this bride — apparently, Grace isn’t a friend of the TV show “The Bachelor” — or so I’ve been told….)  Instead, Grace received a cornucopia of floral including dahlia, orchids, anemones, berries, roses, coxcomb and even kale in her flowers.  They were rich, opulent and textural!

Fall Bridal Party Flowers

This shows the depth of color in JUST Grace’s bouquet!  Wow – what a lucky girl — no red roses for this bride!

Fall Bridal Bouquet Close Up

The ballroom for the JW was lit in a golden almost haunting glow.  Specialty lighting effects created an amber and pink aura that immediately drew the guests deep into the large ballroom. Shadows across the linens in various shades of orange, reds and pink created a warm autumn sunset for the guests as the entered the room for dinner.

JW Marriott Indianapolis


Guests took several minutes to be seated as they meandered the space taking in the details that lay before them.  Long royal tables flanked the  dancefloor, while intimate square and round tables mixed together in the space to create smaller eating groupings.  The large tables had massive centerpieces dripping with candles, creating height and impact in the large ballroom, while the round tables had lush, low centerpieces perfect for conversation.

Large fall centerpieces

 Fall Wedding Detail FlowersFall Wedding Details

The room was very warm, rich and welcoming.  It was more than Debbie and Grace could have imagined. It was a homecoming!


The ballroom was filled with family, friends and alumni and the Indiana traditions didn’t end with the color palette. Grace and Graham surprised their guests with a late night snack of Mother Bear’s Pizza, a groom’s cake (red velvet of course!) along with premiering the red cups at this time.  The bar tenders also changed into IU T-shirts for the rest of the evening.  This, along with the band, Rod Tuffcurls and the Benchpress, (a huge Bloomington staple) were perfect for this crowd. Following the band, they had a DJ to ensure the party went late into the evening!  There was no stopping this fun dancing crowd!  The dance floor was just as packed at midnight as it was at 9:30.

Rod Tuffcurls2014-10-16_0015

It was an evening that was the perfect mix of formality and frivolity. In one evening we heard every genre of music from Pachebel’s Canon to Disney Frozen’s “Let it Go”!

first dance and toast

Grace and Graham wanted a wedding celebration that was truly a youthful, fun and energetic “party” while her parents wanted the formality and regal feeling befitting of a wedding.  Together this was achieved.  It was truly a “homecoming” – and isn’t that what the fall is all about?

I thoroughly adored my time with these families.  They are gracious, kind and welcoming,  I was honored to work with them, and more honored to call them now, my lifelong friends.


For Grace and Graham I wish a lifetime of happiness and love – and remember on behalf of your & family,  “we’re all for you” 😉


Merci Beaucoup:  to Conforti Photography for the above images (and IndyVisual for the wide room shot).  Also to: A Classic Party Rental, Bella’s Bridesmaids, Classic Cakes, Empty Vase, Indiana Landmarks Center, JW Marriott, LGi Linens, Markey’s AV, Mike Donaldson, Pink Poppy Ink, Rod Tuffcurls and the Benchpress

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Have Yourself a “Married” Little Christmas

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To all of my clients, family and friends, whether this is your first “Married” Christmas – your 10th, 40th, or more — Joyeux Noel! Take a few minutes to enjoy the best gift of all, one another!



According to  “The New York” times a whopping 15% of all engagements take place this week, and based on a survey by “The Knot” 39% of couples propose between November and February!  To couples who will remember Christmas 2012 for their engagement forever ~ Congratulations and enjoy that glass of champagne with your fiance, your family and friends!


May you all be surrounded with peace, love and joy this holiday season!






Merci Beaucoup to Carpenter Photography and Design for creating the Noel logo for me!

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She Said Yes!

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For over ten years I’ve loved hearing couples tell the story about how they met, their first date and eventually, the proposal.  It’s fun to hear how the groom-to-be often nervously asked permission of the bride’s father (sometimes with her mom present, other times without her there) and then planned the perfect time to finally ask the most important question of his life.

I’ve heard some wonderful stories lately – I’ve had some pretty lucky clients!  Two clients lately have had Parisian proposals.  Not 1, but 2!  One bride, Sabrina, I knew was happening even before she did!  (I was actually hired to plan the wedding by her groom, Danny and her mom before he’d even popped the question) So imagine my excitement when I, along with their parents, received giddy texts from across the pond when Sabrina said yes, with pictures of the sparkling ring? 🙂  The other bride was standing  in the Lourve and in a state of complete shock when her betrothed asked for her hand … only to then see their entire families walking up to them moments later to celebrate!

College campuses are another sweet and sentimental place to propose.  It was really fun to hear the engagement story of Notre Dame’s famed grotto playing host to recent alumns for a fall 2013 couple returning to campus for a football game this fall with both sets of parents.

Pets often play an important role.  Whether they are used as a decoy, or hold a “Will you Marry Me?” sign, or have the ring tied around their neck, I always think it’s a sweet way to have four-legged children be involved in creating something so intimate and special.  Whenever the pet is part of the proposal, if possible, I also try to include the pet in the wedding as well.

Recently I met a bride with a very sweet and special proposal.  It really resonated with me.  Her fiancé Brian asked her to marry him in front of the courthouse in the county of his parent’s hometown.  In actuality, since they are to be married in that same county, they’ll actually get their marriage license at that same location.  I found this location sweet and pure. I find the fact they’ll have to return here in a year and a half even more compelling – for years to come, they’ll be able to share their engagement story, from that very spot.  🙂


Some grooms propose back at the location of their first date – or at an important restaurant.  Others choose a famous landmark.  Regardless of where he asks – and in what arena – what makes this important is – how he asks.  Not how many people witnessed this auspicious occasion, or whether it was on film, or part of a flashmob, or part of a grand gesture, but rather did he fully graciously tell the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with that he pictured every morning, with her.  The good times and the bad.  In sickness and in health… and that no matter what – he would be honored to have her have his last name.  How else could she not say Yes?

Merci Beaucoup to the photographers who have captured the stunning heirloom rings my clients have been given by their grooms over the years.  (In Order of appearance) Carpenter Photography and Design, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, Meyer Photography, Jessica Strickland Photography




I am an Indianapolis event planner, wedding planner, bridal consultant bar mitzvah planner, bat mitvah planner, event designer and wedding designer. Monica Richard, MBC

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