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Wedding Highlight – Brittney & Conor

October 13th, 2015 monamieevents Real Weddings, Uncategorized 1 Comment

Fire and Ice Wedding

As wedding season begins to wind down, and I reflect on my 2015 weddings, the wedding of Brittney and Conor resonates with me not only as a highlight of the year, but likely of my career.  Brittney, Conor and their families are kind, outgoing, warm and entirely trusting — and oooohhh – they know how to celebrate!  After dating since middle school, these life-long lovers tied the knot in bold style – and shared their weekend with vibrant color, whimsical touches and total joy!  Planning this occasion was a treat because I had complete rein to create and design the entire celebration as long as it worked with their vision – “Fire and Ice.”

Throughout their lives their families had joked Brittney and Conor were actually opposites, like Fire and Ice, so Brittney requested her wedding include this “inspiration” in her weekend and the inclusion of the bold (and sexy) color palette of red and turquoise.  (As a designer, I didn’t NOT have to be asked twice! I loved the concept of trying something different than most weddings)

Fire and Ice Wedding Ceremony

Fittingly, on Valentine’s Day 2013, we toured several locations and Brittney and Conor selected the hotel I thought would meet all of their needs for the wedding ceremony and reception, the Alexander.  I knew here I could create exactly the design and entertainment portions of the night that would leave a lasting impression on their guests.  The Alexander has several blown glass chandeliers and I liked the idea of including the glass throughout the event.  Brittney did too.  The ceremony was the Fire portion of the event.  Red dominated the wedding ceremony, which we hosted outside in the courtyard.  For entertainment a glass blower was present during the cocktail hour before and after the service.  During the ceremony, a glass ceremony replaced a “sand ceremony” as small particles of glass were poured together which the artist then created into one large sculpture for Brittney and Conor.

Fire and Ice Wedding Glass Blower

He also created custom glass pieces for the bridal party to carry as their bouquets.

Fire and Ice Wedding Bouuets - Glass Bouquets

As guests first entered the ballroom for the reception, it was all lit in red and had a “fire” wall, but once guests were seated, they were cooled down for the Ice portion of the evening.  Cool air and blasts of coolant filled the space as the bridal party entered the room! The reception decor was created in tones of turquoise using muli-tonal lighting effects, clear chairs, silver and blue linens and again the use of glass.  Turquoise glass chargers and custom glass sculptures enhanced the tablescapes.  The table numbers mimicked the invitation which were both clear acrylic. The final touch was the liquid dance floor which looked like cracked ice and looked exactly like the invitation suite and all of the paperie created for the wedding weekend. White flowers dotted with crystals and centerpieces of crystal chandeliers completed the celebration.

Fire and Ice Wedding Red Colors

Fire and Ice Wedding Blue Colors

Even the menu selections reflected both fire and ice whether it be the chilled iceberg salad, the fire roasted entree courses (both a fish course and beef course were served) or the cryogenic ice cream sundae station during dancing to cool guests down helped continue the theme.

Ice Cream Station Fire and Ice Wedding

Brittney and Conor’s wedding was a delight to create in part because they were so willing to push the envelope and in part because they were!  They were always smiling – ALWAYS – and they truly relished in the entire process.  Every step of the way they trusted the professional team and just showed how truly excited they were for the wedding night to come.  It showed.  They are an amazing couple and I’m truly honored I could help them create their celebration!  Fire and Ice Couple

 Merci to this team who made a dream night possible! A Classic Party Rental, Alexander Hotel, BBJ Linen, Classic Cakes of Carmel, Evans AV, IndyVisual , The Impalas & TLW Entertainment,Rev. Iseminger, Jessica Strickland Photography (all of the images you see here are hers)  La Dolce Salon, McNamara Flowers – Carmel, Matt Kenyon, Pomp & Polish, Splendor

Fire and Ice Room Set Up and Couple

Name logo#FireAndIceWeddingWeekend — for more on this wedding, including their video, visit – IndyVisual Official Trailer of Brittney & Conor

or visit – Highlight Film of Fire and Ice Reception

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12 Days of Christmas

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The 12 Days of Christmas – Mon Amie Events, Inc Style:


2014 has been an amazing year, so as I reflect back on this year during this time of great Thanksgiving and joy, I thought I would share with you a 12 Days of Christmas style list of a few fun facts from 2014:

Mon Amie Events Christmas Tree



12 – Different Cake Flavors were used by couples. (If you’re asking me to reveal a favorite  — ohh SUCH a hard choice — lemon / orange / almond OR almond pound with truffle filling.  tie. it’s a tie.)

Cake Flavors

11 – Flower Girls walked down the aisle over the course of the year in front of their sisters, aunts, cousins and friends.  … well some crawled or were carried — but all made it (eventually) 😉


flower girls

10 – The length (in minutes) of the surprise fireworks show at the conclusion of a June reception.

barn wedding fireworks

9 – The  song actually says “9 Ladies Dancing” – and this is true!  9 is the largest number of bridesmaids this season.  (they were stunning, graceful, intelligent and kind – every single one of them.  No wonder she had 9 of them!)

9 ladies dancing

8 – Times the Mail Lady (yep, my “mailman” is a lady) came to my door saying I have the prettiest mail on the block as the rsvps rolled in all year — or glitter rolled all over her.  (Little did she know what we would look like after the glitter dance floor!)

(8 was actually the clients who had their RSVPs return to me – to the delight of my mail lady – and me.  It’s actually one of my favorite parts of the planning process!)

glitter wedding invitations

7 – Colors of lighting gels for an October wedding.  This lighting design actually made a set up member at the JW ask for a “Ruby Linen like that one over there.” I then had to explain all of the linens were the same color – it was just the magic of lighting!

Reception Long Table

6 – The number of times Monique Lhuillier made an appearance.  🙂  She was the most popular designer selected by Mon Amie Events, Inc brides.  (not counting bridesmaids or even the time I wore one of her dresses)

Bridal Couple Standing

5 – Couples who said their vows in a non-secular location.  Whether it was in a museum, resort or a private estate – brides this year didn’t always say “I Do!” in traditional locations!

ceremony locations - barn

4 – Number of hours it took the installers to place one of the most intricate decor pieces of the year.  Thank you will never be enough.

 Dancing West Baden Spring Hotel Atrium Wedding

3 – Siblings of another client!  It’s amazing that families invite me into their lives so openly and warmly and it’s even more humbling when years later (*though once this year it was only a few months later) we get to do it all over again!!!!  I’ve known one of my families this year for over a decade – it’s amazing to see their family grow, just as they’ve seen mine.  Thank you so much for welcoming me into your lives.

parents of the bride

2 – Mothers of the bride this year with the same birthday as me!  Amazing huh?  These two women are amazing, strong and were wonderful to work with all year.  So are their daughters!  Most be something about the birthday 😉

birthday moms

1 – One Amazing year.  Thank you to all of my staff, interns and the event professionals who created special memories that will last a lifetime, the clients and their families who continue to welcome me into their lives so warmly and to my own family who has tasted more than their fair share of 12 flavors of cake over the year to help make all of this possible.  Happy Holidays!

Name logo





Special Thanks to: Conforti Photography, Jennifer Driscoll Photography, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography and Jessica Strickland Photography for capturing a year full of laughs, tears and memories!  I have loved seeing my Saturday nights through your lenses. 

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Wedding Highlight – Andrea & Patrick

August 1st, 2013 monamieevents Real Weddings, Uncategorized 1 Comment

Perfect Dance

Every once in a while a couple just touches your soul.  In 14 years of planning weddings I’ve been lucky enough to have this happen to me several times throughout the year.  It’s one of the reasons I am so discerning about the number of clients I take a year, and one of the reasons I interview each client so thoroughly as much as they interview me.  My only regret with Andrea and Patrick — time.  Patrick proposed to Andrea May 18th. Yes, this year on May 18th.  The entire wedding was planned in 8 weeks.  Therefore my only regret isn’t the lack of time we had to plan the wedding, because we had enough, but rather my lack of time I got to spend with such extraordinary people.

Andrea and Patrick travel quite a bit for their career, often oversees, and due to this hectic schedule, they no longer wanted to wait to be married.  The time was now, so, the wedding was now.  By no means does this mean that our relationships, our conversations, nor our friendship will be over.  (A WISE former client once told me on her wedding day “your work here may be done, but our friendship has just begun.” with Andrea, I feel the same way.)  She and Patrick are warm, engaging, welcoming, witty and smart.  Entirely my kind of people!




Originally from Colombia, Andrea is funny, stylish and full of just the right amount of spice and flair one would expect from any South American woman.  Patrick, the debonair Frenchman, is sophisticated, welcoming, warm and charming.  I met them two days after Patrick proposed and we began working on their wedding which would infuse their experiences and cultures into an amazing sensory experience for the guests.  Finding the perfect venue took less than a week (the Market Table restaurant) located in The Alexander.




The ceremony would take place outside in their garden while guests sipped on specialty cocktails (made with Indiana’s own Sage’s Simple Syrups) and found shade in deep red parasols.  The backdrop of the ceremony included their monogram, symbolic of their 2 worlds coming together.  Andrea carried a (stunning!!!) bouquet of peony, roses and callas which smelled divine, and I kept thinking to myself – HOW did Alan (from McNamara Florist) find such amazing peony in JULY!?!?  The bridesmaids bouquets were lovely hues of reds which looked amazing against their very very pale blue dresses.  At the end of the service  guests showered the couple in red petals which were lovingly presented in clear packages on each chair at the service.

Ceremony Recessional

The reception allowed guests to tempt their taste buds!  The tapas style menu allowed guests to sample options for several hours pursued the options as hors d’oeuvres, entrees, desserts and late night snacks were all presented in “small plate” style servings.  The menu ranged in cuisine from around the globe allowing guests to travel from country to country tasting the heritage and culture of this amazing couple.  If you’ve ever been to Epcot’s Food and Wine festival, that is a sampling of what this wedding menu was like.  Sinful, indulgent, delicious.. and it just kept coming… fur hours and hours and hours….and it was amazing! just when you thought it stopped, out came the late night snacks with the amazing truffle oil steak fries and sliders (and oh – but wait, I need to try another flavor of gelato!)  (how do you say food coma in French and Spanish!?!) 🙂

(The flower girl’s expression says it all!  priceless!)


Wedding Menu Small Plates


Even the  wedding cakes (both American and the traditional French pièce montée) reflected their cultural influence.  Patrick was so excited about this confection!  Due to humidity (and BOY was it HOT on this July night!) it was very very difficult to  find any bakery in Indiana willing to make this special request for him.  Thank you to Ilene from Classic Cakes for finding a way to create it.  (after striking out at over 1/2 a dozen other pastry shops unwilling to tackle the task.)  Patrick was so grateful he even spoke about it during his speech.  Merci Ilene!


Naturally, no French wedding would be complete without a champagne toast, but this wedding included a Champagne Bar allowing guests to sample champagne vintages and infuse their beverage with juices, syrups and floral.

Simple Syrup

Throughout the night guests could be seen perusing the menu options while reading their program.  This program book (24 PAGE book!) lovingly translated in French and Spanish the ceremony’s vows and menus so guests who had traveled from France or Columbia never felt left out of the evening’s celebration.  It also included background behind some of Andrea and Patrick’s favorite pieces of The Alexander’s amazing art collection as curated by the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the significance of the A+P circle monogram.


The toasts were warm and charming!  Andrea actually surprised Patrick by saying a large portion of her speech in French for his family.  Everyone, from around the globe understands the language of love, and there is no doubt these two are meant for each other, and their families are elated for their happiness!


Music played a major role in the celebration. The ceremony included a live trio, but during the reception, the salsa and Latin flair kicked in when Cathy Morris put together an ensemble for the dinner portion of the evening.  The DJ kept the crowd happy by infusing a European club sound while playing just enough Latin style to make sure both continents were on the dance floor all evening long!  When Andrea surprised her guests with her reception dress, the Shakira song was the perfect choice!  Guests enjoyed dancing under the chandeliers of Edison bulbs creating a starry and romantic glow to the entire evening!


This sweet and tender moment was captured during their “second first dance” when Andrea came out in her reception dress.

Andrea and Patrick dancing

Among my favorite moments of the day include their first viewing — it was in the lobby of the hotel.  Exactly in the spot where Patrick first said to me “this is my style. This type of space.”  I knew right then The Alexander was the right location for them.  I’m thrilled with the service they received, the convenience for their guests and the flow of the entire process.  I’m also thrilled it was where he saw Andrea on their wedding day for the first time.  Perfect! They deserved that!



Just as the invitation was printed in 3 languages, (BOY were those rsvps amazing fun to get back in the mail — an incredibly fun perk for me since they travel so often!)  all other paperie pieces had been throughout the day.  As guests departed they once again were surprised with a multinational gift.  The favors were a collection of sweets from around the globe. (I still don’t have the heart to nibble mine — but ohhh, it’s calling… though the amazing – and I mean AMAZING basket Andrea and Patrick created for me with treats from around the globe was devoured! – merci, gracias, thank you doesn’t say it enough!)


The entire evening had the perfect blend of food, family and fun,  Félicitations! ¡Felicitaciones! Congratulations Andrea and Patrick, it was an honor working with you and a pleasure getting to know you.   Wherever your travels take you, I know our friendship indeed has just begun!


I love reading the photo comments from guests around the globe – including this one from a guest “qu’ils sont beaux 😉 plein de bonheur a tous les deux!”  – when looking at this image, I agree!

mejores deseos, te amo tanto! meilleurs voeux, aiment tous les deux! Best wishes, love you both!


Merci Beaucoup:

Alexander, Blue House Bridal, Cathy Morris and Kristi Lee (TLW Entertainment), Classic Cakes, Evan’s Audio Visual,  IndyVisual, McNamara Florist , pomp&polish llc , Sage’s Simple Syrups , Splendor, Tyler Mason, Vrai Photography


visit for more images and more details of Andrea and Patrick’s wedding day



Enjoy their wedding video trailer!  Andrea+Patrick Video

Name logo



Mon Amie Events, Inc is a high end  Indianapolis  based event planner, luxury wedding planner, bridal consultant bar mitzvah planner, bat mitvah planner, event designer and wedding designer. Monica Richard, MBC

6915 Bretton Circle, Indianapolis, IN



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Wedding Highlight – Megan+Phil

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Megan+Phil culminated an amazing week with their wedding celebration! What started out as oh, you know an average week … just graduating medical school – ended 7 days later as husband and wife 🙂  – just another average week for these two amazingly beautiful people!

Top of the world

Megan and Phil infused their fun-loving spirit and heritage into their entire weekend’s events.  The concept  “tying the knot” inspired the invitation which infused a beautiful Celtic symbol into the whole celebration.



The knot and the Irish touches were seen throughout the ceremony and reception.  A modern twist on the Irish flag’s colors from green and orange were used — instead, Clover and Coral became Megan + Phil’s palette for the wedding – along with a wonderful punch of bright Peony!  The hot pink added just the right touch of spring on a pretty spring day!

Everything from the ceremonial Mass’s programs through menu cards and even the stylish cake included the modern take on the centuries old traditional Celtic knot.   Irish beers were served on the bar, but later in the evening, Phil’s German family wasn’t forgotten, as German stout was served along with pretzels as a late night snack!

Megan and Phil details instagram

The flowers were created by Lilly Lane using the bright palette in sleek and stylish containers filled with succulents, peony, roses and a tric! (the guests looooved the tric!)  Other community style tables overflowed with candlelight.



The evening ended with a view overlooking the city and the circle with an over-sized expression of love! 🙂

IPL Lights

Congratulations Doctors Megan and Phil!  It was an honor and a pleasure — Thank YOU for allowing me into your (busssy) lives!  ~ Monica

Circle Couple

As always my heartfelt gratitude goes to the entire vendor team ~ Merci Beaucoup:  First – for these images – Baby Grace Photography — our first, but certainly not our last time as partners in crime 🙂 Also – Classic Cakes, D’Amore Events / Thomas Caterers of Distinction, EyeMax Studio, Lilly Lane,  Pomp & Polish, St. Christopher Parish, TLW Entertainment

Name logo




Mon Amie Events, Inc is a high end  Indianapolis  based event planner, luxury wedding planner, bridal consultant bar mitzvah planner, bat mitvah planner, event designer and wedding designer. Monica Richard, MBC

6915 Bretton Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46268 317-460-3726 Before you plan your next event, please call.


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It’s All About Touch! Texture at Events.

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We all know entering any special event an experience for the entire mind, body and soul.   It’s something for each of the 5 senses and one of my favorites for my clients to think about is the sense of touch!  Every client thinks about sight and sound, and quite obviously taste – but touch is of equal importance.  In many cases, it relates to the other senses.  If you touch something – it’s because the sense of sight made you wish to do so.  It’s about giving guests a full experience and a tactile experience is part of it.   Planning an event with the sense of touch is fun and easy!

Every element of the event adds texture – from the linens, to the chairs, to the paperie, to the floral!

Texture in an event

Texture adds interest to your guests’ experience.  It allows them to feel comfortable and relaxed.  Remember, any event is in actuality, for a brief moment in time, an extension of the host’s home.   That said, guests should feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease.  They shouldn’t feel like they’re in a china shop and afraid to touch things.

Here are a few ways you can easily add another layer of texture to your event.  Whether it be a luxurious wedding, a fun playful bar mitzvah, a sleek corporate event, or even a children’s birthday party – each event needs layers of texture.

Wedding guests are your family and friends and they should have the comforts of home.  Simple things like pillows and throws on lounge furniture go a long way to make guests want to cozy up in these intimate spaces.

Wojo Details-03

Menu cards, escort cards, programs and other paper pieces the day of the event add layers of texture to any event.  The type of paper, printing style and how they’re displayed all add texture to your special occasion.  Whether these pieces are whimsically displayed with the dessert station, or placed with precision at each place setting, each piece of paper adds a later of texture to the event in a personalized and unique way. These menu cards were printed paper adhered to thin pieces of wood and placed on heirloom linen napkins adding another dimension of texture as guests sat at the dinner table.


Flip flops and rustic woven baskets of pashmina wraps for outdoor events ensure your guests are comfortable during dancing and cool or windy weather. These are a great idea as your guest favors  – so can easily serve dual purpose.

pashminas and flipflops

No one ever claimed all texture needs to be soft.  Metal also makes a great addition to any event, especially when going for a sleek club feeling.  Here these chic sculptures were around the room and the young attendees definitely didn’t have a “hands off approach” because the glistening metal sparkle attracted the kids to each unique sculpture.


The easiest way to add texture is the host’s attire.

This amazing wedding gown is a perfect example of texture being added to the event quietly and discreetly to the wedding.  Her floral (by L. Gene Huddleson – Detail+Design)  also adds another layer.


Texture and the sense of touch are fun elements to add to an event.  Have fun talking with your wedding planning and event professionals about how you can add texture into your event.

Name logo

Merci Beaucoup to the photographers who have captured these photographs from Mon Amie Events, Inc events that have infused elements of texture over the years: (in order of appearance) Jennifer Driscoll Photographer, Megelaine Images, Hether Miles Photography (Menu Card by KB Design), Megelaine Images, Hosteler Photograhy (Decor by L. Gene Huddleson, Detail+Design), Amanda Wilcher Photography (bouquet by L. Gene Huddleson, Detail+Design)


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She Said Yes!

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For over ten years I’ve loved hearing couples tell the story about how they met, their first date and eventually, the proposal.  It’s fun to hear how the groom-to-be often nervously asked permission of the bride’s father (sometimes with her mom present, other times without her there) and then planned the perfect time to finally ask the most important question of his life.

I’ve heard some wonderful stories lately – I’ve had some pretty lucky clients!  Two clients lately have had Parisian proposals.  Not 1, but 2!  One bride, Sabrina, I knew was happening even before she did!  (I was actually hired to plan the wedding by her groom, Danny and her mom before he’d even popped the question) So imagine my excitement when I, along with their parents, received giddy texts from across the pond when Sabrina said yes, with pictures of the sparkling ring? 🙂  The other bride was standing  in the Lourve and in a state of complete shock when her betrothed asked for her hand … only to then see their entire families walking up to them moments later to celebrate!

College campuses are another sweet and sentimental place to propose.  It was really fun to hear the engagement story of Notre Dame’s famed grotto playing host to recent alumns for a fall 2013 couple returning to campus for a football game this fall with both sets of parents.

Pets often play an important role.  Whether they are used as a decoy, or hold a “Will you Marry Me?” sign, or have the ring tied around their neck, I always think it’s a sweet way to have four-legged children be involved in creating something so intimate and special.  Whenever the pet is part of the proposal, if possible, I also try to include the pet in the wedding as well.

Recently I met a bride with a very sweet and special proposal.  It really resonated with me.  Her fiancé Brian asked her to marry him in front of the courthouse in the county of his parent’s hometown.  In actuality, since they are to be married in that same county, they’ll actually get their marriage license at that same location.  I found this location sweet and pure. I find the fact they’ll have to return here in a year and a half even more compelling – for years to come, they’ll be able to share their engagement story, from that very spot.  🙂


Some grooms propose back at the location of their first date – or at an important restaurant.  Others choose a famous landmark.  Regardless of where he asks – and in what arena – what makes this important is – how he asks.  Not how many people witnessed this auspicious occasion, or whether it was on film, or part of a flashmob, or part of a grand gesture, but rather did he fully graciously tell the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with that he pictured every morning, with her.  The good times and the bad.  In sickness and in health… and that no matter what – he would be honored to have her have his last name.  How else could she not say Yes?

Merci Beaucoup to the photographers who have captured the stunning heirloom rings my clients have been given by their grooms over the years.  (In Order of appearance) Carpenter Photography and Design, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, Meyer Photography, Jessica Strickland Photography




I am an Indianapolis event planner, wedding planner, bridal consultant bar mitzvah planner, bat mitvah planner, event designer and wedding designer. Monica Richard, MBC

6915 Bretton Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46268 317-460-3726

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It’s What’s Inside that Counts – Guest Welcome Bags

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I had a client about a year ago use a wonderful term for guests’ needs – temperature / restroom facilities / parking / proximity to food / guestroom accommodations – “their creature comforts”  Thank you Anne – I love that term and I’ve adopted fully!  I find myself referring to it often and thinking of you with fondness, smiling to myself as I tell other people about “creature comforts.”

One way creature comforts factor into a wedding is the moment they arrive the wedding weekend – often before they’ve even seen the bridal couple – at hotel check in.  Many bridal couples welcome their guests with Welcome Bags.  These treats can be filled with a myriad of things, but here’s a few tips to make sure your first impression to your family and friends make your guests fell welcome, excited and most importantly right at home!

  • Welcome your guests – a quick note welcoming them to your celebration goes a long way!
  • Include directions and a timeline for your guests – a city map and some timeline. This may be timing for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and post reception brunch.  If you are providing transportation – tell them the time and location to meet.

After a trip to Sam’s Club with a client this week to help her shop I was inspired to write this post because she had no idea what to include in her bag, so here is a list of things to make sure are in your shopping cart:

Noshes and treats for their home away from home for the weekend ~ It’s What’s Inside that Counts:

  • Water
  • Another Drink – if you’re going to Jamaica on your honeymoon – include Red Stripe Beer, if you met at IU, include Oliver Winery wine.  I had a couple that works for a fitness company their beverages certainly were included.  Make it personal!
  • Salty Snack – chips, crackers or nuts etc.
  • Candy bars – 2 – your favorite and his favorite!
  • Mints –  kissable breath is important on a wedding weekend 🙂
  • Breakfast items – just something to curb them over – juice and perhaps a breakfast pastry
  • Fruit – an apple or banana.  (If the bride or groom is a Doctor or Teacher they will appreciate the Apple!)
  • Cookies
  • Deck of cards
  • The drugstore – sample packs of Advil / Tylenol / Aspirin / Tums / hand sanitizer / the like – your guests will thank you for it!


One Splurge – by this I mean something fun as a special thank you for the guests!  They have sacrificed their time and money to be with you for the wedding weekend, give them something special for doing so.  Perhaps it’s the bag itself like a Thirty-One bag or a reusable grocery bag.   It could be something in the bag that represents the city of your wedding.  No trip to South Florida would be complete without a box of Norman Love chocolates.  The mother of the bride described them as jewelry – clearly you can see why! (below)  Kentucky weddings “have to” include Maker’s Mark and Ale 8, while Brides from Indy often include “Just Pop In” popcorn.



Regardless of what you include, make it fun and make it personal!  The guests will notice these personal treats.  I’ve had clients include over-sized hand painted cookies of their event logo which guests thought were too pretty to eat … until they took the first bite.


If you include toothbrushes in honor of your dental practice or pencils with your names on it because you’re both teachers – they’ll notice!  If you are never seen without a Diet Coke in your hand, and it’s included in your bag, the guests will surely pick up on this as well.  I had a couple that owns a spice company – you betcha everyone loves their new signature spices included in the bag! (ymmmm – I need a filet mignon and some Marion Kay Spice right now just thinking about it – to celebrate their anniversary I certainly will have to do so!) 😉

Your guests are exactly that, they are your guests ~ your family and friends ~ they’re thrilled to celebrate with you – so welcome them to their “’home away from home” for the weekend just as you would to your home, then get ready for a wonderful weekend of family, fun and your wedding!



Have a great wedding weekend and remember when you check into your honeymoon suite one of these bags will be waiting for you and your husband too ~ so enjoy those snacks and treats!






Merci Beaucoup to the photographers who likely had a few nibbles as they took some photos 🙂  well deserved nibbles!  In order of appearance:  Jennifer Driscoll Photography (2 images), Megelaine Images, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, Carpenter Photography and Design

I am an Indianapolis based and destination event planner, wedding planner, bridal consultant bar mitzvah planner, bat mitvah planner, event designer and wedding designer. Monica Richard, MBC

6915 Bretton Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46268 317-460-3726


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Wedding Invitations ~ Etiquette and Exquisite

August 7th, 2012 monamieevents Uncategorized 2 Comments

The written wedding invitation first emerged in the Middle Ages when used exclusively by nobility. It has evolved over the years, however basic rules of etiquette still apply when sending that glorious envelope in the mail to your wedding guests.  It is important to study up when first becoming engaged to ensure that you follow those rules.   It is also important that you (gasp) have fun with your invitation!  It’s the first glimpse into your wedding your guests will see ~ show some personality, show some style, make it yours …but, play by these all important rules, and you can’t go wrong!

First – Go to school.  By this I mean, go to the teacher of all etiquette, Emily Post.  Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th Edition. 

This book is my “Wedding Bible.”  Sure there are other areas of etiquette covered in the book, but God forbid you want to have something useful past your wedding day around the house 🙂  It should be noted that I am such a fan of this book that I teach wedding planning course at Indiana University and this is one of the required textbooks.

Secondly – Study Up.  Here’s the cliff notes of some common missteps:

  • The invitation comes from the person “inviting” the guest to the wedding.  It may from the bride’s parents.  It may be from both sets of parents. It may be from the couple.  It may from from all of the above.  The invitation’s wording will let the guests know.
  • If the bride shares her parents last name, only her first and middle names are used
  • The phrase “the honour of your presence” is used only when the ceremony will take place in a house of worship.
  • The date is spelled out, as is the year. Note that there is no “and”  ~ two thousand twelve
  • The day of the week and the month are capitalized; the year is not.
  • It is not necessary to write “In the evening” or “in the afternoon”
  • 4:30 is written as “half after four” not “half past four” or “four-thirty.”
  • There is no zip code on the address of the location

Finally – Get an A+.  Use a professional and don’t go it alone.  There are amazing invitation specialists and graphic designers.  Hire one.  Over the years I have collaborated with some of the most amazing professionals to create wonderful invitations.  One of my clients had a wooden crate containing sparkling lemonade with etched glasses couriered to the guests containing the invitation.   (above)

Another client had letterpress invitations inspired by the out of town giftbags which the guests exclaimed “They match the invitation!” (why yes they do!)


One of my favorites was the bride who chose her linens first, then drew her entire stationery suite.  Guests thought the linens were hand painted based on the invitations – no, quite the other way around 🙂 (below) However, if hand painting an invitation is of interest to you, I’ve been lucky enough to work with an invitation designer who can do that too ~ and there was glitter involved! (top image)

Invitations can be simple and refined, modern and clean, dramatic and bold.  They can evoke a sense of time as seen in this suite which transported the guests to another era.  Regardless of what you choose to do, just make sure you know the rules of etiquette and have fun with your invitation ~ let your personality and your individual wedding style shine!


If you want to learn more about invitation etiquette and latest trends in wedding invitations and, I invite you to attend the Association of Bridal Consultants Indiana Branch event on Sunday, August 26 at the JW Marriott.  Fresh off her return from the National Stationery show in NY, Pink Poppy Ink’s, Danielle Klotz will be speaking on the topic.  (invitation below)




– The pleasure of your company is requested!





Merci Beaucoup to the photographers for these images and designers who created these invitation suites for my clients ~ (in order as shown) : Nathaniel Edmunds Photography – Invitation by Momental Design, Hether Miles Photography – Invitation by KB Design LLC, Jennifer Driscoll Photography – Invitation by Nikki Pulfer, Invitation Suite and photo by Nikki Pulfer, Invitation Suite and photo by CardInk

ABC Invitation created by Pink Poppy Ink.



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