It’s What’s Inside that Counts – Guest Welcome Bags

I had a client about a year ago use a wonderful term for guests’ needs – temperature / restroom facilities / parking / proximity to food / guestroom accommodations – “their creature comforts”  Thank you Anne – I love that term and I’ve adopted fully!  I find myself referring to it often and thinking of you with fondness, smiling to myself as I tell other people about “creature comforts.”

One way creature comforts factor into a wedding is the moment they arrive the wedding weekend – often before they’ve even seen the bridal couple – at hotel check in.  Many bridal couples welcome their guests with Welcome Bags.  These treats can be filled with a myriad of things, but here’s a few tips to make sure your first impression to your family and friends make your guests fell welcome, excited and most importantly right at home!

  • Welcome your guests – a quick note welcoming them to your celebration goes a long way!
  • Include directions and a timeline for your guests – a city map and some timeline. This may be timing for the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and post reception brunch.  If you are providing transportation – tell them the time and location to meet.

After a trip to Sam’s Club with a client this week to help her shop I was inspired to write this post because she had no idea what to include in her bag, so here is a list of things to make sure are in your shopping cart:

Noshes and treats for their home away from home for the weekend ~ It’s What’s Inside that Counts:

  • Water
  • Another Drink – if you’re going to Jamaica on your honeymoon – include Red Stripe Beer, if you met at IU, include Oliver Winery wine.  I had a couple that works for a fitness company their beverages certainly were included.  Make it personal!
  • Salty Snack – chips, crackers or nuts etc.
  • Candy bars – 2 – your favorite and his favorite!
  • Mints –  kissable breath is important on a wedding weekend 🙂
  • Breakfast items – just something to curb them over – juice and perhaps a breakfast pastry
  • Fruit – an apple or banana.  (If the bride or groom is a Doctor or Teacher they will appreciate the Apple!)
  • Cookies
  • Deck of cards
  • The drugstore – sample packs of Advil / Tylenol / Aspirin / Tums / hand sanitizer / the like – your guests will thank you for it!


One Splurge – by this I mean something fun as a special thank you for the guests!  They have sacrificed their time and money to be with you for the wedding weekend, give them something special for doing so.  Perhaps it’s the bag itself like a Thirty-One bag or a reusable grocery bag.   It could be something in the bag that represents the city of your wedding.  No trip to South Florida would be complete without a box of Norman Love chocolates.  The mother of the bride described them as jewelry – clearly you can see why! (below)  Kentucky weddings “have to” include Maker’s Mark and Ale 8, while Brides from Indy often include “Just Pop In” popcorn.



Regardless of what you include, make it fun and make it personal!  The guests will notice these personal treats.  I’ve had clients include over-sized hand painted cookies of their event logo which guests thought were too pretty to eat … until they took the first bite.


If you include toothbrushes in honor of your dental practice or pencils with your names on it because you’re both teachers – they’ll notice!  If you are never seen without a Diet Coke in your hand, and it’s included in your bag, the guests will surely pick up on this as well.  I had a couple that owns a spice company – you betcha everyone loves their new signature spices included in the bag! (ymmmm – I need a filet mignon and some Marion Kay Spice right now just thinking about it – to celebrate their anniversary I certainly will have to do so!) 😉

Your guests are exactly that, they are your guests ~ your family and friends ~ they’re thrilled to celebrate with you – so welcome them to their “’home away from home” for the weekend just as you would to your home, then get ready for a wonderful weekend of family, fun and your wedding!



Have a great wedding weekend and remember when you check into your honeymoon suite one of these bags will be waiting for you and your husband too ~ so enjoy those snacks and treats!






Merci Beaucoup to the photographers who likely had a few nibbles as they took some photos 🙂  well deserved nibbles!  In order of appearance:  Jennifer Driscoll Photography (2 images), Megelaine Images, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, Carpenter Photography and Design

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